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Why Hire a Long-Term Disability Attorney?

If you have a long-term disability insurance and you weren’t able to work, you should hire an attorney as soon as possible. Filing a long-term disability claim is a stressful process and one mistake can put your claim in danger, contact Cooper & Bender PC’s long-term disability lawyers to help you with that.

No Attorney Fees Unless You Win


We understand how costly it can be to recover from serious injuries - which is why unless you win or settle your case, you don't need to pay for our legal services.

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When should I hire an attorney?

When you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do first but you know you should get what you deserve, contact Cooper & Bender PC right away. We will provide you with free consultation, detailing you on what should be done to file a claim for your long-term disability. Below are some common mistakes workers make when they are not guided by an experienced attorney:

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What can our Long-Term Disability Attorney do for you?

Our attorneys are experienced with long-term disability claims and they know how to act in accordance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) rules. Our lawyers will make sure that your claim contains all of the documents and medical records needed to support your claim.

  • They quit work then they try to file for disability benefits. Most employers-provided LTD policies says that coverage ends when the employee resigns from the company.

  • They get demoted or transferred to a less demanding position. Once an employee does this, it can potentially harm your LTD case, making it harder to win your claim.

  • They make mistakes on the application for benefits. Some insurance companies set traps in their paperwork to get answers that could form the basis for a denial. Our attorneys will alert you to these traps that insurers use to deny benefits.

Filing a Michigan ERISA lawsuit

The attorneys here at Cooper & Bender PC represent clients that have claims against insurance companies for short and long-term insurance disability benefits, under both individual insurance policies and employer group based disability insurance policies. We will work hard to get you the benefits you deserve.

If the company you’re working for provides a group disability policy for its employees, there are special rules and procedures that must be strictly followed. ERISA laws are often enforced in favor of insurance companies, making it hard for inexperienced lawyers to win claims. Once we file your claim, we will inform you of the strict deadlines that need to be followed for your appeal. These deadlines must be followed, as making one mistake could ruin your claim forever.

Key to winning your case

Our attorneys know that the key to winning your case is by acquiring all the evidence that supports your case and submitting it before the record is closed. Once all internal appeals have been decided by the insurance company, often no more evidence can be submitted.


Contacting us before you file your appeal is vital to improving your chances of winning your case.

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CIGNA Reverses Cutoff of LTD Benefits to Custodian with Fibromyalgia

Cooper & Bender recently convinced CIGNA to overturn its decision to cut off benefits to a custodian who had significant musculoskeletal pain due to fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions.


Cooper & Bender prepared a comprehensive appeal that noted inconsistent and unsupportable statements by CIGNA’s own internal physicians and also gathered up statements from our client’s doctors indicating she was disabled.


Faced with this evidence, CIGNA reversed its denial and resumed payment to our client.


Liberty Mutual Resumes Payment to Nurse with Lower Back Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cooper & Bender recently convinced Liberty Mutual to overturn its decision to cut off benefits to a nurse who was experiencing disabling pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and multiple failed back surgeries.


Cooper & Bender prepared a comprehensive appeal that cast doubt on the opinions of Liberty Mutual’s physician as well as their vocational consultant. Their physician had not reviewed all of our clients records before stating that she was not disabled and his opinion contradicted itself. Further, we determined that their vocational consultant not only did not appear to have reviewed our client’s job description before saying she was able to work, she also misunderstood the definition of disability.


After receipt of our appeal, Liberty Mutual overturned its initial denial and resumed payment to our client.

The Principal Resumes Payment to IT Worker with Chronic Back Pain

The Principal recently reinstated long term disability benefits for IT worker with chronic back pain after an appeal by Cooper & Bender, P.C.


Attorneys at Cooper & Bender, P.C. prepared a detailed appeal, pointing out that our client's doctors never actually released him to return to work (despite the Principal's claim that they had). We also argued that our client's consistent treatment with medical specialists was further proof of ongoing disability.


After receipt of this evidence, The Principal overturned its earlier decision and resumed payment to our client.