Liberty Mutual Resumes Payment to Nurse with Lower Back Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cooper, Bender & Bender P.C. convinced Liberty Mutual to overturn its decision to cut off benefits to a nurse who was experiencing disabling pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and multiple failed back surgeries. 

Cooper, Bender & Bender P.C. prepared a comprehensive appeal that cast doubt on the opinions of Liberty Mutual’s physician as well as their vocational consultant. Their physician had not reviewed all of our client’s records before stating that she was not disabled and that his opinion contradicted itself. Further, we determined that their vocational consultant did not appear to have reviewed our client’s job description before saying she was able to work and also misunderstood the definition of disability. 

After receipt of our appeal, Liberty Mutual overturned its initial denial and resumed payment to our client. 

CIGNA Reverses Cutoff of Long Term Disability Benefits to Custodian with Fibromyalgia

Cooper, Bender & Bender P.C. convinced CIGNA to overturn its decision to cut off benefits to a custodian who had significant musculoskeletal pain due to fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions. 

Cooper, Bender & Bender P.C. prepared a comprehensive appeal that noted inconsistent and unsupportable statements by CIGNA’s own internal physicians and also gathered up statements from our client’s doctors indicating she was disabled. 

Faced with this evidence, CIGNA reversed its denial and resumed payment to our client.

Machine Operator with Finger Injury Receives Workers Compensation Benefits

A machine operator smashed his finger at work. He tried to get the insurance company to pay him benefits, but they wouldn’t listen.  

He hired Cooper, Bender & Bender P.C. and we filed a lawsuit on his behalf. We gathered up records showing the injury happened at work and that he was disabled by it. After this, he received the benefits he deserved.

Hotel Housekeeper with Ankle Injury Receives Attendant Care Benefits

A hotel housekeeper slipped on the ice while at work. She injured her foot and ankle. However, her workers compensation insurance company disputed whether she was owed attendant care.  

She hired Cooper, Bender & Bender P.C. and we filed suit against her insurance company. After this, they entered into mediation with a neutral magistrate and agreed to pay the benefits she deserved. 

Office Manager with Lumbar Fusion Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits At Hearing

An office manager who had a lumbar fusion and could not work anymore was denied benefits by the Social Security Administration.  

After he hired Cooper, Bender & Bender P.C., we gather updated medical records from his doctors, spent hours preparing his case, and got him the benefits he was entitled to.